My Digital SLR Photography Experiences 

Welcome to MyPhotoAxis.com .  I hope you will learn the basics of how to get the most from your SLR or prosumer digital camera. I’ve written some reviews of lenses I have experience with, and give you advice about photo taking techniques.  The section on camera accessories is often over looked but these can be vital to get the most out of your camera.  Don’t forget to read the section on using older Manual focus Nikon, Pentax, and exotic lenses with your Canon EOS body.

Casio EX-H20G Hybrid GPS Camera Review


The Casio Exilim EX-H20G incorporates a Hybrid-GPS system so you can easily geotag your photos. For those of you that have never geotagged, it means that the location a photo was taken gets tagged into the photo data. So when your viewing your photos on your computer or on a lot of photo sharing websites the position the photo was taken at can also be shown on a map. Google Earth can also show you what photos have been taken based on location as well.
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Elinchrom D-Lite 4 it


Just received the new Elinchrom D-Lite 4 it Studio light kit. This is the latest model from Elinchrom and incorporates the Skyport wireless triggering system into the heads as well as a few other tweaks over the older D-Lite kits. Yes, the official name has the “it” tacked on at the end which is no doubt going to make google searches more difficult.
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Make extra income selling your images


So you’ve started taking some decent photos. Need a little extra income? Why not put your camera to use and make a little extra money selling micro stock photos? It can be easy and profitable.

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