About Me

About Me the Photographer

My interest in photography actually started in high school, but it wasn’t until the digital revolution and my first digital camera that I really started taking photos. I think a lot of influence from my photography comes from my background in interest in the sciences. Making a photo better in composition, lighting, and exposure technically is something I am constant working on.

A lot of the photos I personally like don’t actually seem to be that popular. So either my art is out of sync with the public, or I still have a lot to learn about artistic qualities. The latter is probably true.

I am often looking for the next location to shoot photos, as I enjoy the outdoors very much. Indoor portraits are something I’m practicing and slowly getting better at. I treat photography as a hobby of which I am very addicted to.

I most recently shot the photos for the Toronto Maple Leafs at School program. The photos are featured and used by the players to help demonstrate exercises to kids in school. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to do more photo shoots like that in the future.