Canon 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 II USM

This is another one of my favorite lenses, and one I’d highly recommend the new photographer or the enthusiast on a budget.  This is actually one of the cheapest Canon lenses that feature true Ring-Type USM focusing for excellent speed and silent operation.  If you have never tried one of Canon’s true USM lenses you’ll be in for a treat.  I use this lens with Canon’s EW-63II Lens hood.  It’s a little expensive, but it fits well and helps improve contrast and reduce annoying lens flare.

Another accessory I often use with this lens is Canon’s 58mm Close up Lens the 250D.  This is a screen on close up lens that produces some of the great macro photography you might have seen on this site.

Another feature of this lens is that the front element doesn’t rotate. Some of you might not be familiar with this feature or not understand why it would be important.  Well you might put a ND Grad filter or a circular polarizer on your lens to help with your picture.  When you focus if the front element of the lens rotates the filter will be out of position.  Because this is a true Canon USM lens, the focusing is all done internally which means your filters will stay in place properly.  I wish all my lenses were USM just because it’s so hard to use a circular polarizer on a lens that doesn’t have true USM.

This lens is very solidly constructed, and it makes a great walk around lens because it has good range, and isn’t too heavy. This is one of my favorite lenses to use because of the USM, weight, sharpness and range.  It is one of the most recommended consumer Lenses that Canon offers and a Lens I highly recommend.

 Focal Length   28-105mm
 Aperature  1:3.5-4.5
 Closest Focusing Distance
 Focus System
 Full Ring Type USM
 Filter Size
 Weight  375g