Canon 50mm 1.8 MkII

This is easily by far the best value of any EOS lens that Canon sells. I highly recommend this for ANY photographer, no matter what your subject of interest is. It is a prime les of 50mm which is in a fairly good range for portraits.  This is often the lens I use for close up portraits, and it’s also the lens I use in low light situations because the lens lets so much light in.

The Canon 50mm 1.8 can be found easily in Toronto under $150, and it is probably the sharpest lens under $500 Canadian.  It is such a classic focal range that is recommended by many people to learn photography with.  Shooting with a prime lens really forces you to focus on what you are doing and developing skills in composition.  I would have to say some of my best photos have been shot with this lens.

Some of the downsides to this lens is that it lacks Canon’s USM (Ultra Sonic Motor) for focusing which can make focus a little bit slow.  It is also fairly flimsy for a Canon lens so you have to be more careful when using it.  Because of the price, this lens also doesn’t have an ergonomic focusing ring as well as a lack of distance markers on the lens.  However, its sharpness and speed more than make up for that though.  It also happens to be Canon’s lightest EF mount lens.

If you have a larger budget, consider getting Canon’s famed 50mm f1.4 USM lens. It doesn’t really add sharpness or speed wide open, but it is much more solidly constructed including a metal mounting plate, and to me most important Full Time Manual USM.

 Focal Length   50mm
 Maximum Aperature
 Closest Focusing Distance
 Filter Size
 Weight  130g