Creating Photo Frames in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach you how to create frames for your photos in Adobe Photoshop.  I like to keep mine really simple, but once you learn the technique you can experiment and add your own personal touches such as more layers, or wood finishes.  The process is really quite simple, and if you want you can save it as an action so that Photoshop will add the frame for you automatically.

  1. The first step to preparing your image for the photo frame is to figure out what size image you want.  When I post my images on the web I usually keep the longest edge less than 640 pixels.  Now I actually happen to know I want a frame of 40 pixels so I’m going to resize my image to a height of 600 pixels.

Note:  I know many people will just add the frame and than resize down to the size they want.  I do not recommend this as after resizing I always add some USM to the image, and their is no point to do that to the frame or your signature.

  1. Now that I have my image resized, I like to add a bit of Sharpening to it.  Recently I have started using the Smart Sharpen tool in Photoshop CS2, as I find it makes my workflow easier.  The USM tool I now reserve for Local Contrast Enhancement.  This keeps me from having to adjust my USM tool back and forth for the two similar but different techniques.