Creativity in Photography: The Difficulty of Photographers (Part 1)

Photography is one of 9 arts: Literature, Theater, Film, Music, Folk Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture, Photography and Dance. Any artistic creation is not simple, on the contrary it is full of misery and loneliness. However, any creative artist who is passionate will be happy and proud.

Creativity is infinite and endless. With the art of photography, perhaps there are common characteristics.

A photographer holding a camera in his hand is ready to capture everything that his eyes see, perceptively, the way of thinking of each person. Reasoning means that the subject, the character, the object, the problem that the person holding the device towards.

Life is a constant movement and always changing. The movement of life is also in various forms. Therefore, from the invention of the method of recording images to the completion of the camera (1839), humans have acquired everything, all happenings of life, people, nature, etc.

However, artistic photography is the choice and enhancement of the images that people capture through the lens of a camera. The most important and special aspect of photography is: the art of photography. That is when people have conveyed into the image their thoughts and feelings according to artistic and aesthetic conventions.

The choice of WHAT to take is important to creating an image that has begun to have an artistic element. This makes the difference between professional photographers and ordinary photographers. However, the road to art is still far and requires many other factors. From choice, which is the beginning of discovery, discovery, photographers need unique techniques and ideas.

So, shooting what is always an unpredictable unknown for photographers. Something must say something! Something must be condensed, crystallizing the entire mindset, feeling of the photographer.

Life is all about what constitutes as nature, landscape, urban, village, people, animals, plants, etc. However, if he does not exploit the beauty and depth of life, it means he only stops at the level of beautiful copying only.