Giottos Rocket Air Kit

Cleaning your camera, lenses, mirror box and CCD or CMOS, has become frustratingly annoying. Now with the digital age I find cleaning off dust has become more annoying than ever.  Whereas previously dust would be cleaned off automatically with each slide of film your CCD and CMOS sensor never change.  Now that I shoot more photos, I change lenses more often and my lenses get even dirtier.  I needed a better solution to cleaning my lenses and camera than just a simple lens pen.  Enter the Giottos Rocket Air Cleaning Kit.

The entire kit consists of several items.  The Rocket Air blower which I’ll talk more about later, Multi Optical Cleaning Solution, Micro-fibre Magic Cloth, Retractable Brush, and Cotton swabs with Paper Shaft.

The Cleaning solution I spray on the Mico-Fibre cloth to take off finger prints and smudges off my lenses. This is an excellent combo and I don’t think my lenses have ever looked cleaner. It’s defiantly much more effective than using a simple lens cleaning pen that I have been using for years.  Surprisingly I rarely use the dust brush.  The reason is I find it a lot easier to blow off dust with the blower than using the brush which can sometimes just move dust around or add dust onto a lens.

The Cotton swabs are excellent; I save them for special use.  When I have stubborn dust on my sensor that I cannot remove with the blower, I wet the swab with the solution and very gently dab the sensor area affected.  So far no scratches, smudges or streaks have occurs as a result.  I do not press; it’s more of a light touch.  Imagine trying to brush at the surface of water without breaking the surface.

After cleaning the CMOS sensor I usually use the same tip to clean out any stubborn dust in the mirror box, as well as the viewfinder.  Very few things fit in their, and this one doesn’t do too bad a job.

Now the Rocket Air blower is the main reason for purchasing this kit.  It is known as being an excellent quality blower.  Because of its design it can stand on a table which is very handy when you’re cleaning all your equipment at home.  But there are also a couple of holes in the fins that you can attach a next strap or lanyard too.  That way if your shooting in dusty conditions such as an abandoned building or the Arizona desert for instance the blower is always in reach.  And I use the blower a lot! On everything, lenses, the mirror box, and my CMOS sensor.  It’s extremely powerful, and the long tip gets in anywhere you need it.

The Rocket-Air is so versatile it has become the first thing I reach for when I need some cleaning done and its well worth the money.