Nortown Camera Service

Nortown isn’t actually a retail store. They are a camera repair and service center.  My Canon Digital Rebel was having problems with taking photos (err99) and I called up Futureshop with which I had an extended warranty with.  They suggested Nortown for quick local repair so I drove my camera in and dropped it off.

The repair was incredibly quick.  They said repairs usually take 2-4 weeks.  In fact I got my camera back within 2 weeks.  My copy of the invoice says a chip was replaced, contacts cleaned, and the usual firmware update type things.  I would have to say I’m very happy with the repair and especially the speed of which it was carried out.  If your having problems with your camera definately check out Nortown.  They service all makes and do repairs for Henrys as well as Futureshop.  So you know they have a fair amount of work and inventory of parts on hand.  They seem to specialize in Olympus cameras but for sure they do Canon’s because I was told by the Canon rep all Canon cameras are to be sent there.  They were located on the west side of Toronto near Dundas and Hwy 427.  A bit of a drive for me from Markham but not too bad.