Replacing Canon’s Eyecup

I’m sure most people have this problem with their SLR cameras.  You have to press your eye right up against the camera, and all the grease and oil on your face smudges the LCD on the back of your camera.  It’s even worse if you have glasses, or if there is some glare from behind you.  I’ve even heard of peoples noses hitting buttons and controls.

This isn’t a problem just for Canon owners, it’s with pretty much every consumer level SLR I have seen. The good news is there is a quick, easy, and cheap solution.  I replaced my standard Canon eyepiece with a new Eye Cup from eBay. It was barely over $10 CDN after shipping, but the relief it provides is excellent. I no longer feel my face pressing against the camera, I don’t have to wipe oil off my screen between shots, and I can shot with my Glasses on now!

The aftermarket eye cup I purchased is much more comfortable as it comes out from the camera. The rubber cup surrounds your eye, and allows the use of glasses when shooting.

Installation is very simple, you just slide up your old eye piece from Canon, and you slide this one on in it’s place.  The fit was excellent, and it doesn’t look like it will be accidently sliding off.

Every person who wears glasses should like into getting one of these.  It’s such a small piece of equipment, but it really improves how you use your camera.  I purchased mine from Treasuresale who I whole heartedly recommend.