The most incredible photographers you should follow on Instagram (part 1)

Instagram is more than just a place for celebrities to update photos. It’s also a place where talented photographers share their creativity. Here are some of the most incredible photographers from the social network for you to follow right now.

Dguttenfelder: The smartphone photojournalist

David Guttenfelder is an Instagram-snapper by night, and a National Geographic Society Photographer by day. His photos are always taken with his smartphone, which seems to be unbelievable if you browse through his feed. Guttenfelder has seen some sights over the years and we really love his work.

Bythebrush: The painter

When it comes to color and texture, Laura Pritchett clearly has impeccable taste. Her Instagram feed is worth envying. This photographer not only takes incredible photos but also does the great work with a pencil and a brush.

Adamsenatori: The eye in the sky

Adam Senatori is a professional photographer who specializes in sending a shotgun. As camera drones are gaining popularity, the number of drone images like these is growing, but Adam Senatori has an amazing eye.

Koci: The old-school stylist

If something black and white is your thing, Richard Koci Hernandez is a photojournalist nominated for the Pulitzer Prize with an Instagram account full of vintage-esque photos.

Memoryweaver: The master of still life

Marcus Rodriguez is a UK-based photographer who is a prolific web designer during the day and is still a life photographer in his spare time. She likes to edit her photos using Snapseed on iPad. Her photos often stand out, macro shots and sometimes she takes them with pro tips.

Kevinruss: The wild west photographer

Kevin Russ is the only iPhone photographer to send the most beautiful summaries of the Wild West of America. Follow this photographer and you will see many beautiful places you have never seen before. It’s very impressive what you can do with just a phone camera.

Danrubin: The tasty traveller

Dan Rubin is another repetitive photographer like globetrotter, and his Instagram is full of layers of buildings, buildings and of course, occasional porn food. Many of his photographs have also been shot in various ways, giving you a new and amazing view of the world.