The Complete Guide for Still Life Photography (part 2)

Still Life Photography Lighting

In still life photography, lighting plays a particularly important role. With ordinary objects, lighting is one of the best ways to add interest or create a mood to your photos.

Different Types of Still Life Photography

Still life photography has a variety of types. Here we have compiled a list of a few of them.

Tabletop Photography

The most common type of still life photography is tabletop photography. It is what most of us usually think of when hearing about still life photography. This type is all about shooting objects, which can be anything the photographer wants, as long as they are inanimate and small enough to fit on a table.

Product Photography

Another example of still life photography is product photography. Involving shooting inanimate subjects, it can be considered to be a type of still life. However, what makes product photography differ from other type is that its main goal is to show off a product.

Commonly, these photos aim to provide a clear image of the product without distractions. In contrast, still life photos are usually more artistical and offer photographers more opportunities to be creative.

Food Photography

Food photography is another subtype of still life. With the main goal being to depict food in an attractive way, this type is closely related to product photography. However, what makes food photography differs from product photography is that it often involves setting the scene with other food items and tableware arranged around the object.

Found Object Photography

Photos of found object photography can be considered to be another type of still life. However, found object photography usually involves modifying a subject or placing it in an unusual context. While photographers fall under the umbrella of still life, they also take a further step to make viewers think about the object in a different way.