Top Ten Sports Photography Tips for Beginners (part 3)

8. Position yourself correctly

When taking sports photos, it is best to position yourself so that the sun is behind your back. This helps make sure that a lot of light is hitting your subject out on the field, reverting back to letting light in as much as possible and freezing the action with such fast shutter speeds. You should also know a lot about the sport you are taking photos of, such as understanding where the ball or the action may help you get the best shots. Therefore, follow the action with your camera, making sure that you are zoomed in close enough to get the player themselves to be the majority of the frame.

9. Shoot from a low angle and use a monopod

Shooting from a low angle such as your knees helps you capture much more of a dramatic angle and lets in more of a clear background instead of other athletes and grass. The low perspective gives the photo excellent depth and you will see that all pro photographers are doing this technique. In addition, purchase a monopod and use it, even if you get not heavy lens and camera. It can help you keep your camera steady and balanced at the same time you are shooting from different angles, especially your knees.

10. Take lots and lots of photos

Whether it be a tennis player serving or a football player kicking the ball, whenever having your subject in the frame, you should half-hold the shutter button to focus and hold down to fire away and quickly capture as many photos as possible. In this day with digital photography, it is fortunate that we can see our results immediately. Absolutely, there is no harm in finishing a sporting event with thousands of photos on your camera.